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'Writers Gathering' is a blog for amateur authors who want to share their stories for comments and constructive criticism, and for us all to make some new writing buddies! If you'd like to become a writer for me, here's a quick FAQ!


What kind of writing do you accept?
I'll accept short stories, weekly/fortnightly/monthly chapters, poetry and maybe even articles. Any genre welcome. Anything goes!

How often do I have to write?
As often as you like. You can write as a one-off, or you can become a regular author with a profile on 'The Writers' page. All I ask is if you want to be a regular writer, please submit regularly!

Will you definitely publish my writing on the blog?
Well, no. I don't like rejecting people's work, but if it's full of spelling or grammar errors, I can't put it up. Let me know if you're happy for me to edit out any mistakes when you email me your work (I'll always send it back to you with everything I changed to make sure you're happy with it).

What if I get nasty comments?
Don't worry - ALL comments are screened, and therefore no nasty, cruel remarks or spam will make it onto the blog. Constructive criticism only!

How do I send my writing to you?
By email please, to larawrites@live.co.uk, with your work as an attachment.

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